This is the OnePlus 10 Pro!

It is time to travel in time ones more, because here we go again with Onleaks, one of the most reliable sources out there when it comes to leaks revealing the upcoming OnePlus 10 Pro together with Zouton!
And yes, instead of having a very similar design to other devices or looking the same as last year, this device is trying to do something else!
But while it is doing that, I can see somewhat of an inspiration for the S21 in it, because of how the camera setup is done in terms of the bump,
it looks more fused with the frame, and that makes it feel like it has that bit of inspiration from the S21 series

While design is of-course something you can argue about, and without a doubt makes it hard to design the perfect phone,
I am myself not 100% sure about this looks,
While parts of it speak to me, it is the placement, and the length of the camera housing that makes me wonder how it looks in real life, because in renders
it simply doesn’t appeal to me.

With that being said, I am very curious about what OnePlus will do when it comes to the Hasselblad integration,
how much they will improve in terms of camera, because even though a lot of people talk about the Samsung’s, iPhone and Pixels,
I like what i’ve gotten with the OnePlus 9, going for the more natural less saturated look, but there are still improvements that can be made!

So what are you looking forward to when it comes to the OnePlus 10 series? What do you want to see coming with the device!?
I know it for myself that sadly will never happen, a headphone jack and microSD.