Samsung Galaxy S21FE: New Leak

The Samsung Galaxy S21FE that is rumored to presented on the 11th of January after many delays, now it has a different exclusive leak, the back panel of the upcoming device!

This showcases the new design approach in all it’s glory and it does give us some indication about the device already!
For instance the back panel itself is a bit smaller then on the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and the panel itself fits pretty well with the Samsung Galaxy S10+ frame, meaning in terms of size we should get about the same as the Samsung Galaxy S10+

In terms of design I do have to give Samsung some credit here, because I think they have done a stellar job with it, looking clean in terms of design,
However they won’t be getting any credit for sadly the removal of features!
Because Sadly the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will NOT include a headphone jack, and neither will it support a MicroSD slot!
Combined with very possibly no charger as well!
This means that again Samsung without a doubt is asking you to buy separate parts for you to get a completer experience, while still of course asking
the same price they would have in the past where you would have gotten those basic useful features included.

Either way, here you can see the back panel in my latest video for the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE